Thursday, July 20, 2006

One of those days

Ever feel like sometimes for 24 hours there is a cloud following you? Well I'm trying to figure out when my term of service is up!


Dance_Soul said...

Hope you feel better. You need to reclaim some positive energy - I posted about my cloud recently. :)

Dance_Soul said...

Why you gotta be a little white kid? You couldn't find some sad little loc'd up brown child to REPRESENT? :)You feelin any better? Things lookin up at all for you? Whats really goin on? You just feelin blah or did something happen? You can call me - you know I'm not workin on my thesis..... ;)

Dumi said...

Things are moving along, I think I made that 24 hour threshold. A little blah a little circumstances.
p.s. stop hating on the little wet white kid.

Anonymous said...


..."little wet white kid".

David Boyle