Friday, June 27, 2003

Strom Thurmond has passed away at 100 years old. Well, the last death mentioned was Maynard Jackson, a great civil rights advocate. Strom was the kind of folk that Maynard had to be active against.

Also, not all victories in Court this week have been on the side of civil rights. In a first ammendment victory to some, loss to myself (and anyone else with their head screwed on), a firefighter and police officer were found to have been wrongfully fired for participating in a float that mocked the James Byrd dragging in Texas.

And in one of his scariest, yet smart, political moves thus far Ward Connerly has vowed to come to Michigan and host a ballot initiative to remove race as a factor in higher education admissions. This is a pretty savy move because a local ballot initiative can block "the law of the land."

And lastly, the hip-hop generation is finally getting some props for its intellectual depth. No, you probably won't ever see these folks on the BET awards, but it's a beginning!

Monday, June 23, 2003

For comic relief, you can look at Bush's reaction to today's Supreme Court Decision. But we all know what he is really thinking ;)
Today, we have also lost one of our African American political pioneers Maynard Jackson. Maynard Jackson has passed away at the age of 65 and was the first Black mayor of Atlanta.
Here's another one.
And here is an AP article is you want a longer summary of what went down this morning. Click here.
The decisions are in and the press conference is getting underway in Ann Arbor on the Diag. I was able to catch a little CNN coverage this morning which featured a number of Michigan student activists! Fast and dirty summary: Law School system of admission upheld as "narrowly tailored," diversity is a compelling state interest, and this race can be used as a factor. Undergraduate case: Partial reversal- meaning: the point system is dead. But race can still be considered in undergraduate admissions. Overall, Victory . This is really good news.

The opinons are up on the web now. For the decisions and opinons follow this link.

Keep watching the news for the latest. Okay, I can breathe again!

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Oh, and a great document is up on the SCOR webpage. It's entitled: How to Read a Supreme Court Decision.
It's about 12 hours until the decision from the Supreme Court on the U of M admissions case will be handed down. My prayers are up and so are my hopes ;) I'll update with reactions after the verdict.

In other news, there are still some issues that continue to emerge in the funding of HBCUs. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Clark Atlanta University is experiencing increased financial difficulties and a number of job cuts and fiscal adjustments. CAU still has accreditation and will not go under review until 2006.

Actual education continues to come under attack by the Right. This MSNBC article outlines how Whiteness Studies is now being challenged.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Oh, Abercrombie & Fitch is also now fielding a discrimination lawsuit. The suit filed by a number of Latino and Asian plantiffs suggests that Latinos, APA's, and African Americans are steered towards stock room jobs, etc.. Check the AP article in the Times click here.
Okay, so obviously the Supreme Court Decision did not come down Monday, so be on the lookout for next Monday. Though the eyes of the nation seem to be in a host of locations, the Affrimative Action case remains on the radar. Today, Americans for a Fair Chance (a project of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and Education Fund ) has launched a Public Service Annoucement campaign entitled, "Affrimative Action Works."

While some concentrate on the impending decisions about U of M, Benton Harbor has been gaining national attention from rioting! The city, about 12,000 has been rioting for about 2 days in an 8 block radius. The riots began after a fatal chase that involved two motorcycles and police cars. Essentaily they are eligble for a state of emergency where the national guard can be called in, but that hasn't happened yet. Tonight there will be a heavy police state rolling in and there has been a curfew placed from 10pm to 5am.

Monday, June 16, 2003

We may be moments away for finding out the Supreme Court Decision on the U of M Affrimative Action cases. The decision will be known at about 9am on the this Monday or next Monday (the 23rd, the original estimation of when the decision would come forward) SSAA will be holding a press conference on the graduate library steps at noon on decision day. The conference will feature speakers ranging from the Speaker of the Black Student Union to the head of the ACLU. More details will follow.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

And Jayson Blair has still not left us! Two editors from the Times have resigned following the Blair scandal.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

There is a brillant, off the chain, you name it, piece on the Black male image and "gangsta rap" in the Village Voice. It's a decent length, but it goes quickly. What do you think?
After a couple day hiatus, I return. Shirley Stamps, a pioneer in the school desegregation movement passed away yesterday at 59. For all those who seem to believe Affirmative Action has run its course, let us not forget that less than a generation ago school were segregated by law and now are segregated by fact.

Do you like what you hear? If you have managed to tune into Black radio have you noticed there is a striking lack of news, well at least credible news. The Black Commentator has a fly exploration of why that is. The FCC voted on Monday to relax restrictions on ownership of media and the cost could be high for our community. Some Dems and even some Republicans are thinking about taking congressional action to block the action. What every happened to People's radio? Stay up!

I hadn't written on this because I think I hold a grudge against Russell Simmons, but nonetheless it's important! Simmons and company are trying to get the Rockefeller laws overturned through the, "Countdown to Fairness" coalition. So far they have gained some mainstream political clout as well as grassroots support from young members of the hip-hop generation. I heard the process was stalled recently when the city wouldn't give him permits for a demonstration he wanted to had . . . good thing demonstrations are sanctioned by cities now, or else we may actually disturb something while demonstrating ;) And is anyone else scared of 50 cent speaking up on these laws? Is that who we want representing us?

Also, as Goodspeedupdate has reported, this week's lead article in the University Record decries an editorial that was published in the Wall Street Journal saying U of M lied and supressed info about Pat Gurin's research, a lynch pin in the Affirmative Action cases. Check the articles so that you are up to speed!