Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Need to laugh? Here's an article that my friend Andrew sent me about African-American Studies programs being "left-leaning." Okay, I can't stop laughing!
And somehow, I have neglected to mention the murder of Kenneth Walker in Columbus, Georgia by police. Walker was a college grad, family man, and apparently most important to police- a Black man. This story has gotten very little media attention, despite it's horrendous nature! Google news searchs reveal little, but we need to keep the word about this moving. Thought police brutality only happened to those who didn't abide by the law, to people hopped up on drugs, or any of the above? WRONG Why do the brutality cases that get national attention always have some way of explaining away the abuse, it doesn't seem like they'll be able to explain this one away.
So now the Daily and Tim O'brien have weighed in on the Klan's endorsement of the MCRI. It is becoming painfully obvious that there is minimal connection between the MCRI and Dr King. Can we all get real!?!

Monday, February 16, 2004

Still convinced that the MCRI's initiative to end "racial preferences" is about equality? Still think it's not about "affrimative action"? Still think it continues King's legacy? Let's see what Michigan's Mystic Knight's of the KKK have to say? Wow, they support it, must mean that it's a great thing!

Now that I've been to their website and now know that there is a application process, I am considering applying. Of course, if I get killed mysteriously then we know what happened. Should I do it? (This is not a joke. I've already drafted a letter of inquiry)
Hey look, finally another strategy for disgruntled folks to "rebut" Affirmative Action- a white only scholarship. May I recommend that all the students of color at Roger Williams apply for the scholarship. After all, scholarships that are for underrepresented minorities do not require a test of authenticity*. This extra standard that the "white only" scholarship offers is unique.
*the only exception to this statement would be scholarships for students of Native descent who are part of a nation that defines membership by blood quantums to my knowledge.

Friday, February 13, 2004

A survey of US Commission on Civil Rights letterhead has gone out asking colleges to describe their affirmative action policies in-depth. The issue, it's not an official US CRC communication and no one is mandated to respond!!! Trickeration, trickeration!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Okay, I have to offer a little commentary in between working, too much happening to not mention it. Three issues of interest and importance: 1) The drop in minority applicants to U of M, 2) The Ann Arbor study on Racial Profiling, and 3) Andre 3000's grammy performance. Aight one at a time.

Well the numbers are coming in and we now know that the poll of applicants and acceptances for underrepresented minorities is down by 23% I will offer my initial conjectures for this drop, take them, challenge them, or leave them.
1) the increased rigor/intimidation factor of new application process
2) people assuming incorrectly that Affirmative Action was eliminated
3) perception of a hostile/tense racial environment on the U of M campus
4) failure to provide a strong outreach infrastructure like those implemented in Texas and California (we sat on our laurels too much behind victory

and for the record, I do not think "racial preferences" as a concept are driving these numbers down.

Issue 2: Ann Arbor recently released the results of study that found African Americans were no more likely to be stopped than Whites in Washtenaw County. Now though I am an pessimist that Ann Arbor would challenge conventional practices of racial profiling, I will grant that this may be true. As mentioned by many, one major issue is that the study does not inquire about what happens after the stop. One key issue in racial profiling is the treatment people receive as officers perceive what their race means (i.e. drug searches, etc.).

Issue 3: I am not sure what in the world Andre was thinking when he and his team developed their Grammy performance. The performance involved members on stage dressed in "Indian costumes" and featured a giant smoking tee pee. I am awaiting a video tape of the show to verify that it is as stereotypical as I am reading and seeing, but it doesn't look to good for Kast. There is a great deal of discussion happening in the Native community about action. CBS has already issued an "apology" which says little more than, I'm sorry you were offended! Gee, that's the same attitude that people seem to have taken toward Indians as mascots, when are we gonna stop that?

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

It's been a long time... and the wait ain't over. I have been under piles of work and I won't be able to really re-emerge until around Valentine's Day. So here is my compromise, you won't get any of my dazzling commentary, but beginning tomorrow, I will post links to stories of interest? Sound good? Thanks for your patience. It's difficult being Black at Michigan ;)