Saturday, December 25, 2004

Black at Michigan's Best of 2004

I figure I would do a random best of 2004 post. These are not the favorite stories I posted, just what was important or semi-important, ya dig (remember Cross Colours)?

- If you don't have it, you should.
1) Jean Grae- This Week.... "The hottest thing in your hood since crack..."
We've been waiting for a Greasy product for a minute and this one does not dissappoint. Check all inhibitions at the door and listen as she pours her heart out on this mic. Refreshing and smooth. Not to mention any M.C. who is hungry enough to review her own album on Amazon gets props from me.

2) Dead Prez- RBG... The official RBG album finally arrived. Getting dropped from labels, getting arrested, and a host of other things didn't keep Stick and M-1 from bringing it on this feature length EP. Classic dead prez material with a raw video for "Hell Yeah" and a remix featuring Jay-Z, "together on the same track, what they gonna call us now?"

3) John Legend- Get Lifted (the bootleg)... So the real album is out now, but who cares? Legend's album is so smooth you'll finish listening and realize, damn, cheating is really sexy. Just kidding. Kanye's Kid comes through with a solid project that can be listened to cover to cover. So go buy it, support black music ;)

Honorable Mention- Certainly not a album but the song is so sick it has that kind of impact. Bin Ladin by Immortal Technique. If you didn't check for it before, get Revolutionary Volume 2.

1) The Player-UPN- Aight, this show did not make the water cooler talk around my way, but it was easily the sleeper hit of the year. If you could make it past the terrible slang use and cheesiest metaphors, you were golden. AC took all the other cats to school as he flexed skills that would make Don Magic "oh yeah, I'm a preacher now" Juan wonder if his playbook got stolen. If it comes out on DVD, I doubt it, check it out. Until then, "hate the player, don't hate the game."

2) Chapelle's Show- Season 2 Comedy Central- I loth putting this up, but this season was killer. Was I annoyed with by the constant yells of "Yeah" whenever I rocked a fitted, YES!!! But even with that, I can't knock the hustle. Dave has some of the most poignant social and racial commentary on TV!

3) Desperate Housewives- ABC- I don't know how I started watching this, but it is definitely addictive. If you haven't watched, stay away, you'll get caught up.

1)City of God- I know it was released before, but it's soooo good. Also make sure to check out the extras on the DVD.

2) Mean Girls- To me a new(er) Clueless. I don't care what y'all say, this movie is fetch! For some unknown reason, I was drawn to this movie and saw it a couple times in theaters. I haven't gotten the DVD yet, but it's my most coveted xmas gift.

3) Supersize me- I know that it's not the best documentary that came out, but the take home message was beautifully illustrated. If it could get me to stop messing with fast food, well okay, reduce my fast food consumption, it had to be on point. I still get sick thinking about eating McDonald's! FYI: There is an effort to bring Super Size Me into classrooms for health education, they will modify the original version, but there is also a conservative "movement" to stop the film from getting to kids. True story, I'm signed up for conservative listservs so I now know some of their inner workings ;)

1) The Battle at Auburn Hills- So people never eva, eva, eva get it twisted, the battle took place in Auburn Hills with some West Bloomfield thugs. So the media used it as one more opportunity to villiafy Detroit, but everybody who knows, knows. Enough of that, the OG award goes to Stevie Jackson for running up in the stands and the runner up is definitely J. O'neal with that one hitter quitter. Some straight up playground action!

2) Finally the Red Sox Win- Even as a Mets fan, I gotta give respect where respect is due. Boston took the crown and now rocks out to tunes by the Drop Kick Murphy's. Congrats... though I still hate Bean Town.

3)Kobe- Nuff Said.

1)The Ann Arbor flasher- terrible crime, dumb criminal. Larry Harrison,starting tackle for the U of M footbal team, was caught because he only flashed during home game weekends. Clearly brotha needs some help.

2) Arbor Update- This year, the colloborative weblog Arbor Update emerged as Ann Arbor news central. Not only has it been referenced multiple times as as source in the Ann Arbor News, but it one of the few locations where people of vastly different political and social orientations can be found "debating" each other. Am I biased because I contribute, yeah, so what, no one said I was "fair and balanced" like Fox News.

3) Critical Moment- Critical Moment, originally known as Moment, is a great progressive voice for the Ann Arbor metro area (sorry I thought I would make up a term). It has been expanding in readership and each issue has aesthically improved. Keep submitting stories and it will keep flourishing.

Honorable Mentions- Qdoba and Big Ten Burrito- Ah, finally affordable tasty burritos.

This concludes my best of 2004. Think I got it wrong? Tell me so! One

Monday, December 20, 2004

Multicultural Co-op Theme House

Gilberto Simpson has been working on organizing a multicultural cooperative them house . Rather than restate everything, the email I recieved is pasted below.

Are you serious about multiculturalism? Do you want to want to live in a
positive environment with other students interested in promoting

A unique opportunity has arisen to create a multicultural cooperative
theme house in the north State area of Ann Arbor but we need members who
want to be a part of it. It could be whatever kind of place we define it
to be. An ongoing residential community, a revolutionary meeting hall, a
home away from home, a chance to learn about yourself, a place to be
nurtured both spiritually and culturally, a refuge where you can be
yourself, and above all a great place to live.

Physically the house has enough space for 23 people (both singles and
doubles available) high-speed DSL access in every room, cable tv,
washer/dryer and an industrial kitchen. Monthly charges would be
aproximately $450 per month (including regular meals, utilities and

If you are interested in participating in this exciting possibility then
send an e-mail to or call 734-709-4921

Born Day

"I woke up early on my born day... it's a blessin" -Nas
This line has been running through my head all day. I don't know why I'm posting, more so to give thanks to those who have come before me, with me, and those who shall come after me. It's rare for Black men to make it this far along in their lives without experiences some real systematic struggles (incarceration, children, violence), for the most part, I've survived or have been missed by all of these. So on my born day, I want to just say, celebrate yourselves, everyday on top of this earth is an amazing one. We gotta struggle, but a change is gonna come. I'll be postin more now that I'm on winter break too.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Ward is out... and BAMN is stupid...

So the good news of the week for me is that Wardell aka Ward Connerly will not seek another appointment on U of C board of regents when his term expires in March 2005!!!! Cue cheers and adulation. The bad news from where I stand is that he will likely dedicate more time to states like Michigan, where he has a plan to dismantle what's left of Affirmative Action. The most hilarious part of the article has to be Ward Connerly calling BAMN a "stupid organization." Ah, eloquent as usual!