Monday, November 07, 2005

The need to tinker

So recently I have been feeling the need to tinker with this blog. I want to redo it, but I haven't figured out what I should do. This page went through a major a revision a while back but I gave that up for laziness and because I felt like people were taking blogging "too seriously." (Insert your own interpretation) Some of you may remember my old page, which had more than the Blackblog. I just sat down to look at the old html and stuff I had set up and I realized something sad. All the pages I created and mock-ups were on my old laptop which fried and died. So I guess I'll be starting from "scratch" again. That is unless the rest of my life zooms ahead. I only sat down to do this because my next deadline for work related materials is December 1st, which seems really far away, but surely isn't. If you've got suggestions, drop me a line in the comments. Oh, and I changed over to Blogger's comment feature, which may or may not work. If that doesn't work hit me at


PoliticaNow said...

The templates are kind of cool. While they may not lead to exactly what you want, they may be a good temporary band-aid. We all know how much band aids protect societal scars from further degradation by the "surprise, i'm still racist and don't know what the hell i'm talkin about" circular saw.

Dumi said...

Ironic that you should mention that. I've been tinkering with the template that I see you now how on your blog. Great minds must think alike ;)

Anonymous said...


How do I reach you by email.


Anonymous said...

OK, then I just post my question and invitation here.

I have launched a project called "". I am seeking "moderators" for both sides of the issue - people who will be civil and respectful, and are willing to help start meaningful threads as well as enforce a community standard of civilty (that is, the anti-thesis of BAMN, although I won't IP ban or otherwise censor them with "prior restraint" unless they act inappropriately). Specifically, I would like to invite you to be a moderator for this project, and think you would make a good contribution.