Saturday, January 07, 2006

Back from the East.

My little hiatus on the East was nice to have, but now it's back to the grind. Well kinda, I guess if I'm posting to my blog life is not too hectic! Regardless (not irregardless- which I really hate to hear), there have been a couple things of note that should be talked about mainly Coca-Cola, environmental justice, the ballot initiative, and the MLK symposium. Now that you've read my customary intro, vamonos!

Over the winter break, U of M announced that it has suspended its contract with Coca-Cola effective 1/1/06. This is pretty great news on the social justice front. Good work by the Coke Coalition that has been working on this for a long time. We'll see who C-C responds when its all said and done.

The Healthy Environment, Vibrant Communities- Campaign for State Action on Environmental Justice has been hard at work developing a statewide executive order on environmental justice. Now you can help them gather steam. Just click here and send an e-postcard to Gov. Granholm demonstrating your support. Wow, research, policy, and activism from the comfort of your keypad ;)

So the "Michigan Civil Rights initiative" also known as the "California Initiative" has been on the radar of a lot of people over break. The state board of canvassers has repeatedly not placed the ballot initiative on the Nov 2006 ballot. Though it is unclear what, if anything, will appear on the ballot, there is new proposed language. Since issues of language, by in large, what the actual wording is very important. Cases from California to Colorado have demonstrated that words matter. The proposed language includes both the terms affirmative action and preferences. My gut reaction is that the language provides a lot more clarity than the previous versions which were "tailored" to cling to CRA language. Yes, I am critical of the CRAs wording and the ways in which discrimination and anti-discrimination have been constructed (just give Critical Race Theory for further explanation- happy reading!). I'll keep ya'll posted.

Soon MLK day will be upon us and the inevitable attempt of conservatives to co-opt Dr. King's voice and messages will occur. The schools 19th annual MLK symposium is here. I haven't figured out where I'll be yet, but I'll be around ;)


Garlin II said...

What do you think it would take to get to prevent MCRI from getting onto the 2006 ballot? Also, if it does not make it onto the ballot, will that be the end of it?

Dance_Soul said...

Welcome back.

Dumi said...

I don't think the best strategy is to try to keep it off the ballot. To be honest the legal tussles are well and fine, but it makes me think of Audre Lorde's "the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house...". I do believe it is important to fight on all fronts, but I'm not sure enough has been done to address what will be done if it does end up on the ballot. If it doesn't get put on the ballot there likely is a chance that will be the end of it. Too many delays and too much money spent, so they may pull out. But that's all guessing...kinda.

Dance_Soul said...

Kudos to Michigan for dropping coke.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, when are you going to update? I am missing your posts.

Dance_Soul said...

Ok - you can post now... I need to know whats going on around campus and around the world DUMI!!!! :)
Hope you are feeling better.