Monday, January 23, 2006

The Death of Civil Rights ???

"I'd name Coretta Scott King mayor of the cities and converts feens to Willies..." -Nas- If I ruled the world
Today Coretta Scott King passed away in her sleep. She was of course the wife of MLK Jr, but she also left quite a legacy in her own right.

Unfortunately today also marked the confirmation of Samuel Alito. What a sickening irony. Well, the Supreme Court is full again... here's to some bleak years ahead.

The Daily also recently reported on STOP BAMN, By Any Legal Means. The article suggests that there may be some affirmative action supporters in this group... yeah, just like the folks who support the "MCRI" support "affirmative action" but not "preferences." Rhetorical tricks are so interesting. Surely anyone who supports affirmative action and dislikes Bamn will soon find themselves running in the opposite direction of this group. A quick facebook search demonstrates that the group is certainly pro-MCRI with quotes like
The ONLY thing that can stop us from being on the ballot now is a direct order from the Supreme Court, which will never happen.
and links to the "Michigan Civil Rights" site, Zarko's blog, and an new anonymous anti-bamn blog, you can see the ideological direction. It's an interesting strategy, they even cite the U-M NAACP's denouncement of BAMN on their site. Hope too many folks don't fall for this group's foolishness.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have seen my blog entry condemning anonymous blogs generally, and specifically condemning the anonymous blog on BAMN. Even though the blog looks to be "tame" compared the traditional "pop up" or "political hit" types of anonymous blogs and this blog appears to be "accurate", I think it detracts from its own credibility by remaining anonymous.

The Stop BAMN, By any legal means group, does not appear to be hiding anything and has identifiable individuals, even if they have a particular "slant" as you suggest. There mission suggests to me that they would allow members opposed to MCRI but committed to opposing BAMN, if indeed they don't already have them. In fact, it would be in the best interests of MCRI opponents to actively oppose BAMN, as Brian Dickerson's Free Press column suggests. For a variety of reasons, I do not believe they created the anonymous blog. As to linking to my blog, I run perhaps the premiere original news source blog on the MCRI issue, with an open and admitted bias. MCRI's website has BAMN related news, and its not surprising that they don't link to the group they want to stop. I never asked for the facebook link and to my knowledge the students run the organization as they choose. I also don't see it as a foolish activity for students on the Ann Arbor campus - it appears to me to confront issues head-on in a place all too dominated by BAMN.

Dumi said...

Ah yes, I did see you condemnation of anon blogs, good job. I still don't think that it's a good idea for a group because its sole purpose is counterproductive. If I were to advocate for a group that was explicitly anti-something, I would need that group to provide sufficent substitutes. Instead, I just see a group of folks who want to talk bad about BAMN and Affirmative Action. I'll pass!

Anonymous said...

So, I presume you are anti-war, but what's the alternative?

I could come up with a number of other examples, I suppose.

CRT Law Mama said...

Where is this anonymous anti-BAMN blog?

Dumi said...

Just emailed it to you, I don't want them getting too much publicity.

Dumi said...

The alternative to war... peace. That's not that difficult.