Friday, March 31, 2006

Fun with Numbers....

Aight there are a bunch of things that I wanted to get out there. So let's count along together.

1 - One is for the date on Saturday, which is April 1st. The 1st traditionally marks the coming of April Fool's Day. This year, I don't want you to be the fool... so go to this rally and find out the things you been too embarassed, nervous or lazy to ask.
Take Action! Rally for Affirmative Action
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Congressman John Dingell, One United Michigan and the Washtenaw County Democratic Party Black Caucus would like you to join them. The "Don't Be Fooled" rally is to shed light on and kick off the campaign here in Washtenaw County against the so called Michigan Civil Rights Initiative which is neither civil nor right.

Brown Chapel
1043 W. Michigan Ave.
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

2 - Two for the number of missing boys from Milwaukee. The media coverage, of course, has been pretty low. More info and discussion here.

3 - Three is for the number of times I wanted to throw up when I heard about the Duke Lacrosse and their "alleged" rape of two women. Rachel has provided a lot of links and information on her page.

4- Four is for the darn near 40 percent increase in the percentage of Black folks who use the internet! The digital divide is seeming to look different. Though we're certainly not where we need to be yet.

aight, I'm tired of counting for now.


Marc Lamont Hill said...

not only is the 40% inadequate, it might obscure the various ways that the internet is used along racial lines. for example, if negroes are disproportionately using it strictly for black planet or myspace, as opposed to more productive purposes, then that number could be misleading. i don't have any data on this, but my hunch is that the 40% isn't telling the whole story...

Dumi said...

indeed, 40 percent isn't telling the whole story, but it does tell us about increased access to machines that could be used to teach techonology literacy. Even if we are myspace, blackplanet, etc dominated, we now have machines at easier access than in the past. Developing and implementing programs such as basic use of Word, etc. would be really useful. Hell, I could use a basic course on a number of skills.

Anonymous said...

Any comments on today's announcement about the DNA exonerating the Duke players? I feel that this was a prime example of being labeled as guilty without any trial, and now the media may have ruined their images bc of some girl's actions. But i could be wrong. they may miraculously be able to find something wrong, although some exonerating photos exist also.

Dumi said...

Well anon, I don't have any comments yet, cause I just got home and your comment is the first I've read about this. I'll look around and see what I find. My gut has always been that no matter what happened in the house, the case will be complicated and will have a number of turns. I'll comment when I/we know some more.

Anonymous said...

sounds good.