Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Uncle Ruckus & Ward Connerly

I'm on the run, just got back in town, lots of deadlines. So no original blog post coming out for a little. In the meantime, probably the funniest image I've seen in a long ass time. Respect to Julio for passing this along.


Anonymous said...


You do know that this cheese-eating, black race hating, white-oriented self-hating sellout considered Michigan one of many stops along the way in the dismantaling and destruction of AA?

In his own words Michigan and California were just the beginning. His aim is to destroy AA all across America.

His behaviour does not surprise me.

In addition to the Klan, White Citizen's Council and all the other trash out there that has systematically tried to wipe black people off the face of the Earth in America, I now add the names of the following self-hating destroyers of the sanctity of the black race, things who have muffed-dived between the legs of white men in an attempt to curry favor with Massa:

Ward Connerly
Snoopy Dog

And all the other filth that seeks to annihilate black Americans off the face of the Earth.

May they all burn and rot in Hell.

Anonymous said...

The sad part is not only do they share similar political views, they
look alike!

I love the Boondocks!

Dumi said...

yeah, the image is classic. My other boy posted an image about Ward and Homie the Clown and has a pretty good theory on it!

stacy jones said...

@Ann- YOu said it better than I though possible. I like that you added 50 cent and Snoop Dog. Most people shy away from critcizing(sp) hip hop artists but you told it like it is.

Anonymous said...

stacey jones.

I just tell it like it is, no matter who is upholding ignorance, hatred and treachery.

I went over to your site to post a comment, especially concerning the right to vote, but due to your site setup, I was not able to leave a comment.

But, thanks for your comment.

I am used to being a "voice in the wilderness."

It strengthens you and keeps you on an even keel with yourself.