Saturday, October 14, 2006

Whoosh, Whoosh, that's the sound of...

deadlines passing by. I can't figure out where the heck my time is going. Sorry for my absence on the posts, but I'm a little bit busy these days. So I have a number of incomplete posts in my blogger account since my last post, so I'll try to finish this one.

This past week, the Young Americans for Freedom hosted their "Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day." They originally scheduled the even at U of M for September 28th, but YAF chickened out. I heard a number of people rumble that they were not going to do the day because "the woman" who came up with it got fired. I thought it was really interesting that the Daily plastered Morgan Wilkins on their cover. Because she was "fired" I ran into a number of people who thought the event was off because the culprit was gone. As I suspected, she may have suggested the event, but the group was going to carry it out. I was unable to make it to the Diag on Thursday, but as this article outlines, the big story was BAM-N. Same script, different cast (well not really a different cast). Maybe I'm getting old, but their silencing of dialogue and reactionary antics are killing me... well hell that can't be my age, they've been annoying me since 2000. That's enough about them, not deserving of more space. Alternatively a number of student of color and ally orgs organized a peaceful counter-demonstration. Biggup up to that, as well as biggup to metro Detroit community that responded to the ignorance of YAF (shout out to Rashidah and Dawud - ya'll are fly).

Aight, there is much much much more going on right now, but that's all I have the energy to type on. I'm looking to put a couple more things up this coming week.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting goings on at my old stomping grounds. Thanks for the post Dumi.

"Catch an Illigal Immigrant Day"... nice...
I am hereby declaring the birth of the "Back to Europe Movement" (BEM, oooh I like that, rolls off the tongue)
That's right, any person who can only trace thier ancestry to European countries will be loaded up into some rickety vessel and returned to the Old World.
In a show of good faith, I'll start with my Mom. (yup, im a half breed, or pinky as we are so lovingly referred to... red and white make p... you got it) Come on Mom, maybe you'll like it. Now she honestly has no idea about where exactly here family immigrated from, some story about a massive falling out and her great-grandfather changed his name and refused to talk about his past or his family, so, I'll just build a nice sturdy raft, load it with a couple of pasties and shove off from the east coast. I'll even angle it a little south so she lands somewhere a little warmer than the UP.

Sorry, went off there a little. I just wanted to give you a quick idea of what I, as a native, (I DO NOT CLAIM TO SPEAK FOR THE NATIVE COMMUNITY) feel about how ridiculous this immigration debate is. I understand the economic arguments and the legal arguments which hold water if you take them out of historical context. Really, I am not convinced that is what this is really about.
Quick question then I'll stop getting sandwhich crumbs all over my keyboard:
Would we be building a wall if it were readily assimilatable (word?) Canadian immigrants who were fleeing a government corrupted by the control of vicious cartels, partially empowered by the existance of a black market in drugs?
Oh one last thing: This probably isnt the place for this and feel free to delete this Dumi if you want to head people off from doing this type of thing... but I thought you should know. Governor Granholm will be in SW Detroit at the clinic where I work (American Indian Health and Family Services, 4880 Lawndale, Detroit MI)on Sunday the 22nd at 6pm. I am not sure the format but I know her staffers will be giving a presentation on the voting process and there will be coffee and donuts. I am sure it will mostly be her yapping about how great the next 4 years will be if she gets your vote, get a picture of her hugging a brown person and out, but it should be interesting at least.
all for now, thanks again Dumi
-Andy Chosa

Garlin II said...

I'm glad to see that this excuse for an event was not successful. Can you put a link up to what the Michigan Review had to say about this? The resident further-right-than-the-Daily publication has to have had some sort of reaction.

Dumi said...

Andy, thanks for the comment, did you get to seen any Granholm + random person of color photo ops? Yeah, the immigration debate is a sham and a shame, but most "middle Americans" really think that there is a "problem". Of course these are the same people who buy Pat Buchanan's book "State of Emergency". I was at airport the other day and I saw that book on sale and it was featured, that really steamed me!
Well your beloved Michigan Review only mentioned it on their "Day in Review Blog" which is not even worth linking to. We'll see what they say.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, I had an illness in the family the weekend of the granholm event. It went about as expected. I should be able to dig up a "hug the minority" moment pic from it though.
on my end, I'll be sending an invoice to her "war chest" they always tout on NPR for our clinic. I need some more creative line items... ive already got "wear and tear on the parking lot" "sidewalk use" and "air surcharge" this is fun, now i see how phone and utilities companies sleep at night.