Friday, December 22, 2006

Away from Michigan

Ah yes, to the East my brother to the East. For all my X Clan fans. I'm back East for a while. I celebrated a happy bday and had a good anniversary with my parents. My first couple of days were relativel low key, I've found myself watching all sorts of TV.
Hair Trauma
Ultimate Fighting
Bush's Address
Maury Povich - the holiday special "is this hottie a male or female"
Jerry Springer
Colbert Report

You know the usual brain food! I've also signed up for a virtual writing challenge over at Just follow the links to the discussion forum and "Publish or Flourish." Also, that reminds me to shout out Blac(k)ademic who has retired from blogging. She was a great voice in the blogosphere. I'll be skirting around the tri-state for a little bit, so maybe I'll see you virtually or in real life, if not, then catch me in 2007. Oh, I should be doing a best of, we'll see.


Anonymous said...


"Maury Povich - the holiday special "is this hottie a male or female"

Oh, I was watching that show and had to leave the house.

Just as I was sure that "she" was a "she", then I would change my mind and then say, "No, "she" is a "he", no, wait a minute, "He is a she", or "He is a "he".

Oh, what the heck, it was all so confusing!


Dumi said...

LOL, yo that was a pretty interesting episode. I didn't get to watch it all, there were some tough calls. Others were really obvious. My favorite was watching the audience's disagreements. Glad to see someone else found themself watching foolishness!