Friday, January 05, 2007

Hard out here for a Black American

While everyone is reviewing 2006, I'm concerned about the entry of 2007 for Black folks, particularly Black Americans. Let's hang our flag at half-mast, because it's going to be a long year!!!

As 2006 ended, Prop 2 implementation was delayed and I was more concerned about the godfather of Soul's transition than Gerald Ford's. I should have known shit was gonna start to hit the fan. Then on the 30th, Black Sociologist Orlando Patterson smoothly ushered in a bad wind with his Times pieces that blamed segregration's persistence on Black residential preference. You know we're in trouble when Black folks start taking heavy shots at Black folks. Then the Black Messiah... er I mean Oprah, dissed Black American kids' craving for ipods and kicks.

Then this morning I learned/realized that the stay on implimentation of prop 2 was denied by the Appeals Court. Which really means, that we're already operating in a Prop 2 environment in admissions.

Damn, damn, damn James... it's gonna be a long year.


Anonymous said...

All that diplomacy stuff, all that hat-in-hand thanking of Mary Sue (thanks for nuthin') was like casting pearls before swine.

50 years ago, "Please, Please, Please" was a big hit.

But those days are supposed to be over.

Maybe I'm all alone on this, but...

I'd just rally flat-out, in front of the Union, for total, 100% open admissions for every brother and sister who graduates from any Michigan high school.

But you knew I'd say that.

Anonymous said...

I second flat-out! You're not alone. Screw it. Let em' alllll in. Screw O, Screw Patterson, Screw Ward,. Triflin' so and sos. It's a daymmmn shame. (I'm so not in a good mood.)

Yeah Black Messiah has lost her dang on mind. I'm atonished at people's loyalty to her despite her comments. I can't disagree with her cause she's a rich philanthropist??? I don't have a us vs them mentality. I'm not mad at my African sisters for getting help. I love them. I'm mad Big O thought she had to down our youth to rationalize love my sistas over there. Did she discuss this with her PR person before she spoke? They should be fired.

All my family could talk about when I went home was how its hard out it for a sista and brotha and they're pretty optimistic folk. Folks in my family who are not political at ALL were talking about proposal 2 and of course the Miss America incident hehe. They recognize times gettin rough.

Dumi-No disrespect to the departed but I 'm so feeling you about James and Gerald.

Alright I'm done.

Chetly Zarko said...

Alas, Prop 2 is in effect but quantum mechanics hasn't ceased, the universe continues to operate, and U-M hasn't been turned into radioactive salts.

Dumi said...

Flat Out, I can always count on you to be clear on your position!!!!

Nikki, so let's be the Black folks who don't turn our backs on Black folks.

Chetly, yeah the world is still moving... but the question is where are we going.

BobbyV said...

I’d always thought overt racism was characteristic of the poorly educated southern crackers. In the more progressive northern states, remnants of racial bias could be found littering the hushed conversations of cultured people. Our covert racism was assuaged by our false belief that the Civil Right Act, like some religious indulgence, restored our collective soul to its original state of innocence, absolved of the sinful triptych of slavery, miscegenation, and Jim Crow.

You wrote, “For me, dropping the term racist from our lexicon weakens our ability to call everyone to the task of being accountable for inequality.” It is not possible that in attaching the racist label to everyone, you dilute the power of that label to shame? Or are you purposely attempting to transform our response to that label from one of a defensive nature to a response that engenders a more thoughtful analysis of our responsibilities in promoting social progress?

Let America Be America Again

O, yes,
I say it plain,
America never was America to me,
And yet I swear this oath--
America will be!

Langston Hughes