Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Black History Month

So the coming of February marks the arrival of Black History Month. Inevitably each year I hear outcries of "where's White history month" or people reducing our month to a series of quiz bowl like facts. I will address these issues later, but for right now I wanted to highlight some contemporary Black history. It come from Nas. Hip Hop is arguably one the greatest cultural forms in the last 30 years, with that said, we have a rich, yet forgotten history. As Nas said,
Rap is like a ghost town.
Like these folks never existed, they the reason rap became addictive.

Nas dropped some gems on us with his series of "Where are they now" tracks inspired by his song on Hip Hop is Dead. For me listening to these is like strolling down memory lane, hope you enjoy them the same!

80s Remix
90s remix
West Coast Remix

Recognize those flows????

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Anonymous said...

This is a great site..I just so wandered upon it today. State farm had a Black History Quiz bowl show on last weekend and I was truely offended. Black history month, while good in meaning, I feel is overhyped and losses its importance with a wide array of racial distinctions being put into young minds. Can we bring back the Cosby show, or a show that portrays African Americans as just that...Americans.