Sunday, January 28, 2007


In the rush of posting my update the other day I forgot a couple of things that I thought were important. First, check out this NY Times piece on colleges' responses to banning of Aff Axn in higher ed (note I didn't say race preferences).

Second, on Tuesday U of M's local conservakids Young Americans for Freedom are hosting "Three Ex-Terrorists". As you may recall, YAF is the same org that brought us "Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day" and a host of other ridiculously intolerant demonstrations. In response, students are organizing a peaceful walk out. They are asking folks to show up wearing yellow (just a shirt, not a whole outfit, no one wants you to look like a banana) at about 6pm and when the event starts around 7, join in the demonstration to walk out. A simple yet powerful display. This reminds me of years go when David Horowitz came to U of M and the BSU filled the audience and when he entered we, in unison, crossed our arms instead of clapping. *As a side note, BAMN soured that great demonstration as they have soured a number of demos. I digress, you should find yourself in Rackham Ampitheatre walking it out.

I usually ignore "post me" emails since they're stupid stuff, but not the one I just got from Elizabeth de la Vega. This Wednesday at Shaman Drum on State St. at 7pm Elizabeth de la Vega (U of M alum) is giving a book talk on U.S. v. Bush. The book essentially puts Bush et al on trial for their fraud regarding the Iraq debacle. You can read an excerpt here. I was listening to Howard Zinn last night on CSPAN (yeah that is what I do on Saturday nights, don't hate!) and he was mentioning how impeachment is not really as radical as most Americans conceive, as he put it "after all its in the constitution." So for the masses who are much more comfortable being middle of the road, maybe that will seel them on bringing of G.W. up on charges ;)

So make sure to make it out the house Tuesday and Wednesday night at 7, you don't good at jeopardy anyway!

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