Friday, February 23, 2007

I was wondering....

1) Why do I know in a couple days it will be impossible to find all these good documentaries on Black folks on TV anymore?

2) When will BET get real and put The launch of BET on their list of events that Mishaped Black America?

3) When will people realize saying "I'm mad at you" or "We need to talk" are inversely related to my pursuit of them for a conversation?

4) Are you offended by the Geico caveman commericials?

5) Now that I'm bumping Liberation, when will Eardrum finally come out?

6) Now that I'm bumping Tru3 Magic, when will we get a Blackstar reunion album?

7) Now that You So Crazy is over 10 years old, can we officially call it the Delirious of my generation?

8) How come when I was growing up no one ever told me that Patty Hearst and Charles Manson had some racial ish at the core?

9) Shouldn't no one get the prize money on the White Rapper Show?

10) Black Snake Moan.... wtf????


janeen said...

i concur "you so crazy" is THE delirious of our generation. What other movie can you fall asleep on (due to extreme tiredness not lack of humor) and wake up in the middle of a joke and STILL be able to quote his lines word for word!

some more to add to the list
i was wondering...
as stated by kathy hughes on the TJ morning show: obama really black if he hasnt seen his grandmother in 10 years? did ronald isley get out of jail for tax evasion? does this mean that wesley snipes is next? and if so is this a sign that black people are considered equal to white people in society now that they too can skate away from white collar crimes?

Dance_Soul said...

IN response:

#3) The smarter thing would be to just ignore you for a few weeks.

#10) Black Snake Moan.... wtf???? NUFF SAID.

I was thinking:
1. When will someone Black be the main character of a TV show that isn't a comedy (or reality show) that lasts more than 2 seasons?

2. When will Lauryn Hill stop being WACK and make another GREAT album?

3. How long is it going to take everyone to realize that neither Hillary or Barack can be president?

4. When will the department of transportation lay down the good SHYT and stop using materials that need to be replaced every summer (peak travel season)?

5. When will little cell phone chips be implanted into people's heads so 'hands-free' can take on a whole new meaning?

6. When will there be more black men in College than in prison?

7. How long before Bill Cosby admits that he has a love child?

8. When will Al Sharpton shave off the perm?

9. When will I finish my thesis?

Ok - I'm finished.

REA said...

LMAO at ALL the funny comments left by people, but mainly for your content BB! i too am wondering, from a very serious standpoint, what the HELL this next generation of children will bring to the black world...will it further diversify the upper and lower classes, or will we somehow be able to forge an uprising middle class?

ashwini said...

Well, as many of your questions refer to television, and since I don't have a TV, I'll just say this in response to your #1:

You know this because it's true. But just wait, come March, you'll be treated to no less than ten documentaries on Asian-American accomplishments, model minority reinforcements straight out of the mouth of Dinesh D'Souza, a Lifetime Intimate Portrait of Connie Chung, one Dateline and one 20/20 special on honor killings in Pakistan, a special prime time TV rerun of "The Joy Luck Club," and complete exclusion of Arab, Middle Eastern, and Pacific Islanders. Unless of course, you count the regular racist outrageous bullshit you see on "24" and such. If you count that, then we have A/PI(A) Heritage Month 365 days a year.