Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My new favorite video...

As you can tell, I'm kinda in a visual mode these days. I wanted to share this video because it's my favorite since NYOIL's - Ya'll should all get lynched. By the way, cop Hood Treason, its a good album.

I got forwarded this video.

Read A Book

I couldn't agree more. While listening and watching this video I was reminded of the ways in which nigga can still be used in critical discourse. I say this because recently in a move to make themselves even less relevant to the average Black American the NAACP buried the N word. I really intended on making the funeral, especially since I missed the N word's christianing. Aight, enough jokes, I do think it is a big symbolic gesture, I'll be watching for the next steps taken.

And while we're talking about stuff getting buried... I'm wondering what BET's hot ghetto mess is going to look like. It's already losing advertisers. I'm of two minds on this one, either it's great and ignant advertisers won't want it on or it's god awful and even folks who advertise on BET can't stomach it. I guess time will tell.


Dance_Soul said...

Funny...I didn't get this from you but I just saw it last week too.

What else is going on with you these days?

upsetthesetup said...

Word. That NYOIL video got banned when it dropped - on youtube at least. Its refreshing to see someone taking hip hop to task for the negative images, but its problematic to use lynching as the metaphor for retribution.

The Read a Book is vicious. Bomani been doing his thing down here in DC for a minute. Good to see him getting shine.

Upset The Setup