Saturday, January 27, 2007

Let me update ya!

Aight, well I did revise the Black woman anthem for the title post. Sorry I've been absent. I've been working on 2 posts that take a little bit of thinking but they're not ready yet, so be on the look out for "The Welfare Queen in Redux" and "Kill Your (Reality) TV". On another note, Ann has been kind enough to pass along a story on banning the N word that I would have posted if I wasn't running crazy. Interesting policy of 500 dollar fine proposed. And I'm still wondering, did all this really come about as the result of Richards rant?

On the update side, I've been grinding. I went back east, spent time at home, in the city and in the barbershop all of which were tremendously productive. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I even accepted a job, so come the fall, Black at Michigan will be Black at ... wouldn't you like to know ;) I'll be back soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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An update on the Brazoria, Texas proposal to ban the n-word:

The citizens gave the mayor a “tongue-lashing” over their objection with just the n-word singled out for being subject to a $500 fine.

One young white woman in the crowd (there were so many people who came to the townhall meeting, that the crowd swelled to over-capacity beyond the 200 people the building could hold, and therefore, the meeting was held outside), asked the following:

“What about the girls that are called ‘white cracker’ or even ‘whore’, you know, what about all them? It’s not only right to pass it for the n-word.”

One elderly white woman, her voice dripping in rage, had this to say to the mayor:

“You have opened up a can of worms!”

On the other hand, some black citizens pointed out that some blacks use the word as a ‘common greeting’.

One black lady had this to say to the mayor:

“To them the n-word is hip, it’s slang, it’s no problem.”

A 30-something black man stated:

“Please don’t do this to me, as a man, because I’m going to be the first person you lock up probably, because, let’s be truthful, I use the word. I’m sorry.”

On the other hand, some black ministers did support the measure and they were concerned about the word’s frequent use in rap music, and they stood by Mayor Ken Corley.

One black minister stated:

“He’s my American hero, and he should be everyone else’s.”

Some citizens were angry at the national attention this story captured and gave the image that there were racial problems in Brazoria.

One middle-aged white man spoke these words:

“And I’m embarressed, and very, very ashamed of what I’ve seen in the news.”

By the end of the townhall meeting/discussion, the mayor had had an “earful” and had relented:

“Ya’ll have spoken overwhelmingly against this ordinance and I think that this evening you will hear the last of it.”

To this statement from the mayor, the crowd cheered and clapped.

In the end, it was doubtful that the ordinance would have stood up in court since the 1ST Amendment protects offensive speech, and it looks like this measure will never be tested in any courtroom.

All of the above was typed while watching KHOU-Channel 11’s News broadcast.


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